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The North Carolina Scorecard, newly updated, measures progress toward goals for North Carolina's long-term prosperity. For ease of use, the goals and their measurable targets are organized under eight critical imperatives. Click on each goal for more detail about them. Read more about the Scorecard concept... 

Visit our discussion forum and see the topics for "Target Reports" and "Scorecard". Please let us know what you think and how we might improve the content and its usefulness.

New Target Reports are currently being added and linked to the imperative sections under "Measures". Please check back often to see these.

Imperative Description
Imperative 1 Healthy Children and Families
Imperative 2 Safe and Vibrant Communities
Imperative 3 Quality Education for All
Imperative 4 A High Performance Workforce
Imperative 5 A Sustainable Environment
Imperative 6 A Prosperous Economy
Imperative 7 21st Century Infrastructure
Imperative 8 Active Citizenship / Accountable Government
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